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Client Spotlight – CrossRoads American Grille

Mar 17, 2016 (0) comment

      Have you noticed that Michael's Lounge is now known as CrossRoads American Grille? Michael hasn't left and you won't recognize the inside of...

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Client Spotlight – Fat Body Customs

Jul 20, 2015 (0) comment

. . . . . Fat Body Customs is a full service automotive repair shop  operating at 27 Staples Rd in Stephentown since 2005....

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Requesting An Insurance Quote FAQs

Apr 20, 2015 (0) comment

                You may have seen some recent photos of clients who came in for their  "Annual Insurance...

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Eight Reasons To Call Your Insurance Agent Today

Mar 16, 2015 (0) comment

There are several life events that happen on a regular basis which might require changes to your insurance policy. Here are eight big ones......

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Is Your Insurance Agent Really Looking Out For You?

Mar 05, 2015 (0) comment

You've got many choices when it comes to purchasing insurance. You can purchase from agents in your local community or by calling an 800#....

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Five Reasons Why You Should Shop Your Auto Insurance Every Year

Mar 20, 2013 (0) comment

“But I love my auto insurance company! I’ve been with them for years.” That’s the response I frequently hear from customers when I recommend...

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